3 Days On 3 Stages With The World's Best

Ticket Block 201-300 Now On Sale

S4x22 Ticket Pricing And Information

S4x22 tickets go on sale on Sept 1, and if you want the best price you need to buy on day 1. The first block sells out typically in 12 hours, but we keep the $1,495 price for 36 hours so all time zones can easily get a ticket in the the first block. Worried about Covid disrupting your plans? We have a generous cancellation plan, see below.

S4 is growing. In the past we had to limit Stage 2: Technical Deep Dive tickets to 200 people due to size limitations. We have expanded into a second building and now Stage 2 seats 600, and we have a new Stage 3 that seats over 200 people. All tickets for S4x22 include:

  • Access to all 3 stages for all 3 days (Jan 25 – 27)
  • Access to S4 social events (Welcome Party, Cabana Sessions, Craft Beer Bash, Badge Pickup Event)
  • S4x22 Attendee Pack

S4x22 tickets go on sale on September 1st, and the price is based on what ticket number you buy. Simply put, the earlier you purchase your ticket, the better the price. Tickets 1 – 101 typically sell out in the first 12 hours, but we will honor this price for the first 36 hours, beginning at 12:01AM EDT on Sept 1, so people in all time zones have the opportunity to buy a ticket at this price.

Tickets 1 – 101 $1,495 + tax SOLD OUT
Tickets 101 – 200 $1,695 + tax SOLD OUT
Tickets 201 – 300 $1,895 + tax
Tickets 301 – 500 $2,095 + tax
Tickets 501 – 1000 $2,295 + tax

We will be offering a one-day 301-Level Training Course called The Autobahn on Monday, January 24th. This course will have four 1.5 hour sessions on advanced topics. The price of the Training Course will be $995 + tax when purchased separately, or $800 + tax added to your S4x22 ticket price.

Cancellation Policy

These are Covid times, so things are subject to change prior to September 1st. In recognition that travel may be restricted and things can change between September 1st and S4x22, we are currently intending for the following policy.

  • If S4x22 is cancelled or no longer an in person event, a full refund will be provided.
  • If government travel policies prevent travel from your location to Miami South Beach, a full refund will be provided.
  • A full refund will be provided for any cancellation requests prior to November 25th (two months prior to the event).
  • A 90% refund will be provided for any cancellation requests prior to December 25th (one month prior to the event).
  • A 50% refund will be provided for any cancellation request prior to January 9th.
  • Attendee names can be changed at any time if a colleague will attend in your place.

 Health Considerations

S4x22 will comply with any federal, state or local mandates for an event of its size. S4x22 has many advantages in dealing with Covid and other transmissable diseases. 

  1. The Welcome Party, Cabana Sessions and Badge Pickup social events are held outside.
  2. Lunch seating is available outside.
  3. The venues are large so you can spread out if needed. The Main Stage auditorium seats 5,000.