S4x20 Tickets

Registration Opens On Sept 3rd

S4x19 had 532 attendees. And the ticket price again for S4x20 is based on what ticket number you buy. Buy early and save money … AND remember there are a limited number of Full Tickets available since Stage 2 only can seat 200 people.

3-Stage S4x20 Tickets

Attend all the sessions on all three stages and all social events during the S4x20 Conference from January 21 – 23. 

  • Tickets 1 – 100 at $1,495 + tax ($1,599.65)
  • Tickets 101 – 200 at $1,695 + tax ($1,813.65)
  • Tickets 201 – 300 at $1,895 + tax ($2,027.65)
  • Tickets 301 – 400 at $2,095 + tax ($2,241.65)

2-Stage S4x20 Tickets

Access to the Main Stage and Sponsor Stage along with all social events and activities, such as CTF and Challenges, Jan 21-23. This is the Full S4x20 ticket less the Stage 2: Technical Deep Dive sessions. This is the best ticket for the advanced, but not uber technical attendee who doesn’t want to see math, exploit code, and ICS protocol parsing.

  • Tickets 1 – 100 at $1,195 + tax ($1,278.65)
  • Tickets 101 – 300 at $1,395 + tax ($1,492.65)
  • Tickets 301 – 500 at $1,695 + tax ($1,706.65) 
  • Tickets 501 – 700 at $1,995 + tax ($1,920.65)
  • Tickets 700+ at $2,195 + tax ($2,348.65)

Training Day – January 20th

We will be offering a training day in a similar format, but with different content, on January 20th, the day prior to S4x20. Details on this training will be presented on or before August 15th. There will be 150 spots available, and the training sold out last year.

Background: We were challenged at S4x18 to develop a program for those new to ICS security, and we didn’t want to dilute the bleeding edge nature of the S4 program. Our solution for S4x19: the S4 OnRamp to provide 101 level training. It’s was a one day crash course the day before S4x19 that taught all attendees what they needed to know to appreciate the S4 sessions and discussions with fellow S4 attendees. We are now using the videos from the OnRamp in our OnRamp Online training.

BONUS: All S4x20 registrants prior to Oct 31st will get a free ticket, to use or provide to a colleague, for the OnRamp Online beginning on November 1st.

The Training Day + 2-Stage ticket will get you access to the Training Day (Jan 20) and the Main Stage and Sponsor Stage at S4x20 (Jan 21-23). The only excluded item is Stage 2: Technical Deep Dives, and these are for the uber technical and experienced attendee. Of course you will have access to all social events to mix with the best in world at ICS security.

  • Training + 2-Stage Ticket at $2,195 + tax ($2,348.65)
  • Training Only Ticket at $925 + tax ($989.75)

Note: All tickets are sequentially numbered in a single series. There is not a ticket #1 for each ticket type. The first ticket sold of any type is #1; the next ticket sold of any type is #2. 

To keep it simple, the earlier you buy your ticket, the lower the price will be.