A lot of the fun social events, great venues, and tasty food and drink at S4x22 are made possible through the generous support of the S4 Sponsors. Sponsor opportunities open on March 1, and all but two Thursday Food Trucks and the Thursday Partner are sold out. See details at this link and contact s4@digitalbond.com if interested.

S4x22 Partners

We have added Partners to S4 in 2022. Partners will take over the new Stage 3 for a day and put on a compelling program. They will also host an interactive experience throughout the event. We have carefully selected the Partners with the sole criteria of how they will add to the S4 Attendee’s experience.



Cabana Session Sponsors

Welcome Party Sponsor

Basic Sponsors

Applications for the five Basic Sponsors will be accepted in July. The sole criteria is whose cabana at the Cabana Sessions will best improve the S4 Attendee experience. Two of the five Basic Sponsors slots will be free so that anyone (academia, startup, .org, etc.) can show their stuff at S4x22 if it is important to creating the future of OT and ICS security.

Training Sponsors

Badge Pickup Event Sponsors

Craft Beer Bash Sponsors

S4 Lounge Sponsors

Food Truck Sponsors