S4x23 Sponsors

The fun and experiences at S4 are made possible with the help of the sponsors on this page. All Sponsor Packages are sold out except for the SBOM Pavilion and Women In ICS Security Sponsor. Contact s4@digitalbond.com if you are interested in that package.

S4 Prime Sponsors

S4 Prime Sponsor rooms will be open Monday – Thursday one floor up from the stages for demos, sessions, experiences and with at least two CTF flags.

SBOM Pavilion Sponsors

The SBOM Pavilion is one floor up from the stages. It will contain six vendors who are creating SBOMs and dealing with VEX and other automated feeds. These six sponsors will compete in the S4 SBOM Challenge. You will be able to see how each does on the same products and importantly how they present and provide actionable guidance on the information.

Cabana Session Sponsors

On Wednesday we spend the afternoon around the Surfcomber pool for the Cabana Sessions. It’s our version of an exhibit hall, just a lot more fun and in beautiful weather. The sponsors show their stuff and there is food, drink and a lot of creative activities. The Cabana Sessions are a great way to establish and deepen relationships with your peers.

S4 Lounge

The S4 Lounge is a great place to sit down, have a rest or nice chat, and enjoy a latte or whatever your preferred coffee or soft drink is.

Badge Pickup

Lunch Sponsor

Craft Beer Bash