Women in ICS Day

and Free for all women

Come to Miami in time for the Women In ICS social event on Monday night to meet your peers.
Attend the Tuesday, day 1 sessions and social events.

Women represent 51% of the population, and 60% of those attending college today. And yet only about 10% of the ICS security community are women. It often is difficult for women to enter and thrive in the male dominated, sometimes hostile, and often intentionally and unintentionally discriminatory ICS security field. At S4 we want to help try to change this for reasons of basic fairness, for the sake of our daughters, sisters and female friends, and for the very pragmatic reason that women, by sheer numbers, represent the best chance to deal with the shortage of ICS security professionals needed to create and secure the future.

Women In ICS Social Event

Early Monday evening, from 6:30 – 8:30, there will be a social event to provide an opportunity for all of the women attendees to establish and renew relationships with other women in ICS security at all different points in the career path. The first hour will be women only, and the second hour will allow men in, to the degree the location supports, 150 people maximum. We had over 80 women at S4x20, and it would be great if we could fill the venue with women in the ICS security field. 

The social event will be held at the beautiful SLS Hyde Beach on 17th and Collins Ave, right next to the conference hotel and 3 blocks from the S4 conference venues. Light refreshments will be served. Kristin Demoranville and Najo Ifield have graciously volunteered their time to help create and run this social event. If you would like to help, contact them via s4@digitalbond.com.

Tuesday S4x22 Sessions

Women coming in just for the day will be given a free pass to attend all of the S4x22 sessions on all three stages on Tuesday, which runs from 9AM – 4PM. There will be a special check in for day passes, and if desired we will pair you with another woman attendee at S4x22 who can show you around and introduce you to people who could be helpful to your career.


The Cabana Sessions

S4 is Miami South Beach in January. So it would be a shame to be stuck inside the whole event. We created our version of the hotel ballroom exhibit floor around one of the best pools in SoBe and call it The Cabana Sessions. From 4PM – 7PM all of the S4 attendees get together in this relaxed environment. We serve dinner, there are a lot of fun activities, exhibitors are showing leading/bleeding edge product.

This is a great opportunity to make some key connections that could help you find your way in your career. There is time, and the environment is perfect, for longer and more important conversations.

All women with a S4x22 ticket are automatically registered for the Women In ICS social event. Any women who do not have a S4x22 ticket and would like to attend any or all of the Tuesday S4 sessions, the Cabana Sessions and the Women In ICS social event should register for free Women In ICS ticket.

Women On A S4x20 Stage

Women In ICS Sponsors

If your company wants to help with the Women In ICS Security, the best thing you can do send women who are in or potentially entering the field to S4 so they can make the relationships and get some of the knowledge that will help their career. This could be sending a woman in your planned group of attendees, or getting an additional ticket for a woman on your team.

We are accepting sponsors who will get their name on this page, in the S4x22 mobile app, and at signage at the Women In ICS social event. Sponsorship is $2,000. The money will go to pay the direct costs of the social event, and any additional money will be donated to Girls Who Code. If interested, fill out this form and email it to s4@digitalbond.com.