S4x23 Women In ICS Security Program

Women represent 51% of the population, and 60% of those attending college today. And yet only ~12% of the ICS security community are women. It often is difficult for women to enter and thrive in the male dominated and often intentionally and unintentionally discriminatory ICS security field. At S4 we want to help try to change this for reasons of basic fairness, for the sake of our daughters, sisters and female friends, and for the very pragmatic reason that women, by sheer numbers, represent the best chance to deal with the shortage of ICS security professionals needed to create and secure the future.

Fortunately, women are making impressive contributions to our field, and we were thrilled to offer the first ever Women In ICS Security program at S4x22. A S4 record 164 women attended the event. This is probably the largest gathering ever of women in the ICS security field. We also had many great sessions presented by women on all three stages. Much of the credit for these speakers is due to the women pioneers that led the way.

We are offering a similar free Women In ICS Security program, for women, at S4x23 including:

  • All activies the Monday before S4x23 (Feb 13). This includes sessions in the S4 Prime Rooms, SBOM Pavilion and Badge Pickup Event.
  • The Women In ICS Security social event the evening of Feb 13th.
  • All sessions on all three stages on Day 1 (Feb 14th).
  • The S4 Welcome Party the evening of Day 1 at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

Simply stated we have 100 Women In ICS Security tickets (Update: All 100 tickets are claimed. Join the waitlist in case any are cancelled) that allow any women to come to the pre-S4 events on Monday and stay through the Welcome Party Tuesday night for free. Our hope is the experience and connections will help women with the careers in this field.

NOTE: Women with a full S4x23 ticket do not need a Women In ICS Security ticket to attend the Women In ICS Security social event.

Women In ICS Social Event

Early Monday evening, Feb 13th from 6:30 – 8:30, there will be a women-only event held at the beautiful indoor/outdoor Prescott Terrace at the Loews Miami Beach. At S4x22 we had ~100 women at the event. It’s a great way to meet the other women attendees before S4 starts. The Women In ICS Security team is working on what will take place at the event with details to follow. At this point we know there will be food, drink, and a beautiful environment for you to kick off S4x23.

The Prescott Terrace at Loews Miami Beach


S4x23 Women In ICS Security Sponsors

Help grow the number of women in ICS security and their careers by becoming a S4x23 Women In ICS Security sponsor. All sponsor funds will go to pay for the Women In ICS Security Social Event on Monday night and the Women In ICS Security swag bag. Any funds remaining will be used to fund half-priced tickets for women at S4x24. Sponsor benefits include:

  • Your logo on this page as a Women In ICS Security Sponsor
  • Your logo on the Monday Women In ICS Security social event
  • Your logo on the Women In ICS Security beach bag
  • Your logo on a Women In ICS Security break slide.

Register as a S4xWomen In ICS Security Sponsor by filling out this typeform.

Women On A S4x22 Stage