S4x24 Women In ICS Security (WICSS) Program

Women represent 51% of the population, and 60% of those attending college today. And yet only ~12% of the ICS security community are women. It often is difficult for women to enter and thrive in the male dominated and often intentionally and unintentionally discriminatory ICS security field. At S4 we want to help try to change this for reasons of basic fairness, for the sake of our daughters, sisters and female friends, and for the very pragmatic reason that women, by sheer numbers, represent the best chance to deal with the shortage of ICS security professionals needed to create and secure the future.

Fortunately, women are making impressive contributions to our field, and we were thrilled to offer the first ever Women In ICS Security program at S4x22. A S4 record 164 women attended S4x22. This record was topped with 217 women attending S4x23. This is probably the largest gathering ever of women in the ICS security field. These improving numbers are tempered by the fact both years this represented 20% of the S4 attendees. We still have some work to do.

NEW Workshop for S4x24: Build Your ICS Brand

Monday, March 4th, 3PM – 3:45PM in Poinciana 1

This 45-minute workshop will address both individuals looking to build their own personal brand and companies looking to more effectively diversify as part of their recruiting and hiring practices. While this is focused on helping women in their OT and ICS security careers, this workshop is open to all.

WICSS Career Pathing Panel

Monday, March 4th, 4PM – 6PM in Poinciana 1

Hear leading WICSS women talk about productive methods for career development in OT and ICS security. Learn from their stories and strategies for career building in ICS. This was a very popular panel at S4x23 and more details will be coming on the panelists and format. Changes for S4x24 is this will not run concurrently with the social event and it is in a bigger room with a stage and more suited to a panel.

WICSS Social Event

Monday, March 4th, 6:30 – 8:30PM at Preston’s Terrace

Kick off S4 with drinks and bites at sunset on the beautiful Preston’s Terrace overlooking the beach and pool. This (women only) social event is a great time to meet and reconnect with others in the WICSS community. The last two years we have received a deluge of comments on how great it was to make these connections prior to S4 starting.

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Are you facing a challenge in your career? The WICSS team wants to help by setting you up with the right coach. They will match coaches and participants for 45-minute, casual 1 on 1 coaching sessions under the tent on Tuesday (March 5th) afternoon and Wednesday morning (March 6th). We will be publishing information on how to be a coach and how to schedule a coaching session in December.

WICCS Table In 2nd Floor Lobby

Tuesday, March 5th

The Women In ICS Security team and effort has been selected as one of the Worthy Cause exhibitors again for S4x24. They will have a table just outside the Main Stage all day Tuesday. Stop by and learn how to get involved.


A S4x24 Ticket Is Required To Attend Any Of These Events


Thanks To The WICSS Sponsors!

    Sponsor WICSS At S4x24

    Show your support for the effort to grow the numbers and careers of women in OT and ICS Security by being a WICSS Sponsor. The sponsor fees are applied directly to the WICSS social event on Monday night. If there are remaining funds they will be used for scholarship tickets to S4x25.

    Cost: $2,500

    Signup: Fill out this form and pay with credit card (easiest).

    Or contact s4@digitalbond.com to be invoiced.


    • Your logo is included in signage at the Career Pathing Panel, Monday Night Social Event and by the Worthy Cause table on Tuesday.
    • Your logo will be added to this webpage.
    • Your logo will be added to the Women In ICS Security slide that will be part of the break time slide show in the Main Stage and Stage 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    • And of course you will be helping out the cause.