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Reid Wightman used to run an epic ICS Capture The Flag (CTF) event at S4 that had many teams working around the clock in a very competitive contest. The S4 CTF was retired at S4x20, and replaced with the Pwn2Own competition. Still there were many past attendees who missed it.

We are pleased to announce that Tenable, the S4x22 Wednesday Partner, will be running a CTF all three days of S4x22. The Tenable S4x22 CTF event will be a Jeopardy-style capture the flag that incorporates a wide array of challenges, both technical and physical, targeted towards technology you might come across in an ICS environment or associated IT infrastructure. The challenges include an interactive kinetic display, which both spectators and participants can interact with, various real world challenges such as lockpicking, wireless hacking, reverse engineering, web application hacking, and more. The challenges range in skill level from beginner to expert, so all participants are welcome.

Some challenges will be available online for remote participation.

Teams may have between one and five members. Tenable will award various prizes throughout the competition as well as special prizes for the top 3 (in person) teams. S4 will chip in one free ticket to S4x23 to the winning team.