The Cabana Sessions – Wednesday 1PM – 5PM

Most events have exhibitors with tabletops in a conference ballroom; S4 has the Cabana Sessions. A handpicked selection of vendors are in cabanas. There is food and drink and fun activities. The real benefit is you have time to have the deep discussions about work and life that build bonds. Many are skeptical about the Cabana Sessions until they experience it, and then it often becomes one of the favorite parts of S4. If you must work every waking hour, their are some technical challenges and the sponsors will give you very deep and technical demos. Check out the S4x20 Cabana Session video below, and further down we detail some of the activities and provide a map.

Cabana Session Activities

Book Signings

When you walk into the Cabana Sessions, look right to see the patio where the three authors will be signing their books.

T-Shirt Station:

We had fun designing five t-shirts from you to choose from plus one from Cabana Session Sponsor Armis. The t-shirts will be made on the North Side Upper Cabana next to the Armis Cabana.

Basketball and Skeeball Challenge

The basketball shooting contests were fierce at S4x22. We are bringing the hoops back, plus we are adding Skee-Ball to the games area this year. You can find both by the Nozomi Networks cabana on the upper pool deck.

Candle Making

Your S4 swag bag includes a candle from Roseline Bien-Aime. We selected Ocean Shore Linen and Cigar for the two scents in the swag bag. At the Cabana Sessions you can select your own scent and make your own candle. Roseline and her team will be there to help you. It’s easy and fun.

Create Your ICS Painting

At S4x20 we had two Stuxnet paintings that combined a line drawing and watercolor. We have create three new S4 ICS drawings, and it is your job to add the watercolor. Painters will be on hand to help you out, and you get to take home the finished piece of art. The artwork will be done by the covered tiki bar on the ocean side of the pool.

Women In ICS Security

The Upper North Cabana will have a Women In ICS Security table to get information and sign-up for 1-1 coaching. Some of this coaching can occur at the Cabana Sessions themselves in the more private Upper South Cabanas.

Cabana Session Sponsor Cabanas

The Cabana Session Sponsors have learned that a typical tabletop with a marketing person doesn’t work at S4. Most of the sponsors bring their top technical talent to answer detailed questions and provide demos. It’s not unusual to see an attendee dug into a 30 minute back and forth to get answers they have been unable to get from their normal sales rep and technical support. Plus you have time, and it’s a very relaxed environment. And some of the cabanas have bonus food, drink or swag.

  • Large Stand Alone Cabanas: Armis, Dragos, Nozomi and Tenable
  • Cabanas in the Cabana Row: Dispel, Finite State, OPSWAT, ServiceNow, SynSaber and Waterfall

Check out the map below or just run across them as you wander the Cabana Sessions.