S4x23 ICS Capture The Flag Competition

S4 was the first event to have an ICS Capture The Flag (CTF) competition back at S4x14. As they have become more common, S4 has tried a number of different ways to make our CTF different. Here’s what we are doing for S4x23.

The eight S4 Prime Vendors listed below will each develop at least one flag that requires physical presence at S4 to capture and one flag that can be captured virtually. They may produce multiple flags, but the sum of points awarded for each vendor’s total flags will be the same. This means that you contestents will be participating in eight different CTF’s with each team having their own design approach and CTF environment.

Well, actually nine CTF’s … because the team running the CTF (to be announced) will also be providing flags that can earn points.


The S4x23 CTF will run from Monday at 1 PM until Thursday at 11AM. The Monday start will allow S4 attendees to participate in the CTF without missing any of the 3 Stage Performances from Tuesday – Thursday.


Stay tuned …

S4 Prime Sponsors / Flag Creators