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S4x22 Faq

If you don’t see what you need on the FAQ, send an email to or go to the S4 Discord channel and send a message.


I bought a S4x22 ticket when the dates were Jan 25-27. Is my ticket still valid for the April 19-21 dates?

Yes. You do not need to do anything if you have a ticket and plan on attending on the new dates April 19 – 21.

I no longer can attend or want to attend S4x22. Can I get a refund?

Yes. You can get a full, 100% refund until February 18th. After that the refund policy changes by date the request is made, and there is a Covid travel restriction refund as well. See the bottom of the Tickets page for the full refund policy.

Are S4x22 tickets still for sale?

Definitely. And hurry, we are nearing the next price increase at ticket 501. Buy your tickets at

Autobahn Training 

I don’t see the option to buy an Autobahn training ticket or add-on to the S4 ticket? How can I attend the Autobahn?

The Autobahn has been moved to Stage 3 on Thursday and is included in your S4x22 ticket.

I paid for the Autobahn. Will I get a refund?

Yes. All those who paid for the Autobahn will receive a refund to the credit card used for the purchase the week of January 17th. For those who purchased the S4x22 + Autobahn ticket, the refund will be $800+tax, or $720+tax if you had a discount code.

Social Events

Will there still be a Welcome Party, Cabana Sessions, and Craft Beer Bash?

Yes. The will change a bit. For example, the Craft Beer Bash will be at the new Stage 2, and the Cabana Sessions will be held from 4PM – 7PM. We should have this all set up and on the S4 Social page by the end of January.