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Apply For A S4x23 Worthy Cause Exhibitor Space

The S4 credo is Create The Future. To help accomplish this we are adding free exhibitor space for worthy causes that will help create the future of OT and ICS security.

Not only is the space free, it is in the best location. Better than any paid sponsor location. If you look at the diagram below, the Main Stage, Stage 2 Technical Deep Dives and indoor lunch seating will be in the Americana Ballroom. The free Worthy Causes exhibitor space will be in the Americana Foyer. Everyone attending S4 will see this space.

There will three Worthy Cause exhibitor spaces each of the three days (Tues, Weds, Thurs). The ICS Village is bringing a big 10′ set of racks, is running the S4 ICS CTF, and does great work on educating newcomers to ICS security. They will have one of the three spaces for all three days. (It’s hard to move that heavy gear). The Women In ICS Security volunteer team will have a spot on Tuesday. This leaves one spot on Tuesday, two spots for Wednesday and two spots for Thursday.

Fill out this type form if your non-profit, pro-bono project, volunteer effort or whatever would like want of these Worthy Cause exhibitor spaces. Keep in mind that:

  • This will need to be a non-commercial offering, Don’t be trying to promote a product or service you sell.
  • We are hoping for more than raised awareness of your project as the outcome. An exhibit that is geared around “here’s what we do” is not our first choice. We’re not saying don’t submit, just know that we are hoping for exhibitors that will lead to actions based on S4 attendee interaction.
  • Will what you would do in this exhibit space improve the S4 attendee experience?
  • The criteria is not non-profit only. Some non-profits have huge revenue and budgets and can pay for space. Some commercial companies could have a pro bono project of great value that doesn’t generate any revenue.


BTW – we have held back one single cabana at the Cabana Sessions for some company with very innovative solution. Haven’t found this yet.