Kill It With Fire author Marianne Bellotti has made her career in modernizing legacy systems and wrote a book on it. Rarely are either “live with it” or “rip and replace” the right approach. Marianne will share the right approach to modernizing legacy systems that are considered the bane to securing ICS.

As I read this book, it was amazing how so many of the examples were relevant to ICS. For example, she has a big part of a chapter on the common mistake of run it in parallel for a while approach to a complete change from old to new. I bet many S4 attendees have seen and experienced that.

Marianne is the final piece in a great Wednesday keynote block. It starts with an interview with Bill Fehrman, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy and chair of the ESCC & E-ISAC. Marianne will then give her keynote on the Main Stage, and it will finish with an interview with the legendary Spaf (Gene Spafford).

She will be signing copies of Kill It With Fire at the Cabana Sessions on Wednesday afternoon. It is one of three book signings we will have at the Cabana Sessions.