The S4x23 Call For Presentations closes on August 31st … one week from today. Do you have something to say that is new and important to Create The Future for OT and ICS Security? The best place to put it in front of people who can drive change is on one of the three S4 stages. Check out all the details on the CFP stage. As all the session proposals come in, let me give you three brief tips (more on the CFP page).

  1. Be clear what your Big Idea is. In one sentence what are you trying to tell the best-in-world audience?
  2. You can skip all the background, stage setting fluff. Get right to the point about your Big Idea and how you will support it (briefly).
  3. Don’t overthink it. Two – four paragraphs is enough. There will be some back and forth prior to being selected.


S4x23 tickets will go on sale on Sept 15th at 12:01AM EDT (New York) time. We sell tickets based on ticket number. Tickets 1-100 are at $1,595+tax. The first 100 tickets sell out quickly. To be fair to all time zones, we hold the Ticket #1 price for the first 36 hours. What this means – – – if you want to get the best price on your S4x23 ticket, get all your company approvals in order now so you can buy on Sept 15th.

We are bringing back the Women In ICS Security program for S4x23. Women can get a free ticket to attend all the Monday and Tuesday sessions and social events. We hope to top the record 164 women (still only 20%) we had this year at S4x22. Kim Legelis and a team are looking at what they can add to the program for S4x23. Note: If you are a woman and buy a S4 ticket, you do not need to get a Women In ICS Security ticket.

You can see all the ticket pricing details on this page.