Thanks for your patience while we work through the logistics of postponing S4x22 from Jan 25 – 27 to April 19 – 21. It will still be held at Fillmore Miami South Beach and the Emanuel Luxury Venue (ELV) across the street.

If you are one of the 450+ who have a ticket, this ticket is still valid for the new dates. No action is required if you are coming. If you can’t come send an email requesting a refund to by February 18th. Refund rules after that date are available at the bottom of the tickets page.

The Autobahn training will be on Stage 3 on Thursday, April 21st. The Autobahn training sessions will be available for all attendees. If you purchased a ticket for the Autobahn or the S4x22 + Autobahn ticket, you will get a refund for the Autobahn portion next week.

We are working on setting up the social events, but there will be a Cabana Session and the party at the Botanical Gardens. We will still have the Women In ICS Security event and a Women In ICS day.

The agenda will be updated for the new dates as well. We need to confirm speaker availability on the new dates, and there will likely be some minor changes.

We will publish the latest information in the blog on this site. If you have a question, check out the FAQ page. If you don’t see what you need on the FAQ, send an email to or go to the S4 Discord channel and send a message.

Apologies to any attendees, speakers or sponsors who have conflicts with this date. We were quite limited in available dates at the venues, and then there were conflicts almost every week. I am sorry that S4x22 occurs during Passover.