With RSA being cancelled, I’m sure attendees, speakers, sponsors and others are wondering about S4x22, Jan 25-27 in Miami South Beach.

Over the past week we have been contingency planning a move of the event to late spring, and we have an early plan in place to do this if necessary.

S4 is a bit smaller than RSA, so we have a little less time pressure to make the call. Plus with the holidays upon us there is limited on what can be done until the new year.

In the first week of January we will look at where the US and world is with Omicron/Covid, talk with the venues, contractors, and a take an opinion sampling of the community. Hopefully Covid will throw us a surprise to the good side for a change.

We will make a decision on or before January 7th as to whether it will remain as is or move to late spring.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones