Pwn2Own Miami awarded $280K in 2020 and $400K in 2022. What will the future bring?

Pwn2Own At S4x23

Pwn2Own will be back at S4x23. ZDI is working on identifying the targets and prize money right now. They will announce this information in October. We (S4) expect the targets to get harder and more important. Why? So many competitors had success with denial of service and other simpler results. Will this be the first year where hardware is added to Pwn2Own?

NOTE: If vendors want their products to be in Pwn2Own Miami send us an email,, and we will put you in contact with the Pwn2Own team. It’s great that in this third year multiple vendors are seeing the benefit of being in the competition, being hacked, and are volunteering products.

Pwn2Own At S4x22

After a Covid caused year off, Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) brought their Pwn2Own competition back to the ICS world at S4x22. The result? $400,000 was awarded for 26 0day vulnerabilities found in a variety of systems very important to the ICS community. The largest price was awarded for what ZDI said was “one of the more interesting bugs we’ve ever seen at a Pwn2Own to bypass the trusted application check on the OPC Foundation OPC UA .NET Standard.” 


Highlights From the 2020 Pwn2Own Miami