With the move to a second building, increased S4 experiences, and social event activities we wanted to find a way to help attendees navigate the event. The answer is the S4x22 mobile app. Here are five of the big benefits of the S4x22 mobile app.

  1. Access to the 3-stage agenda and the ability to create your own plan ahead of time on what you want to see. Two or three of the stages are running at most times so there are decisions to be made.
  2. PowerPoint / PDF session presentations will be attached to each session in the agenda … prior to the event to help you figure out what you want to attend. There will be a few exceptions where there is a big reveal. (Dale has fought/resisted making these available in the past as they don’t capture the session like the videos do, but the ability to make them available ahead of time via the app and the S4 communities consistently asking for them carried the day.)
  3. Maps. With the move to two buildings even the S4 veterans will need help getting around. Even more important is all the surrounding activities that you might miss. Where is Pwn2Own? Where can I roast s’mores over the Death Star fire pit? Where can I create my own Colonial Pipeline piece of art? The maps will tell you.
  4. Q&A support. Two benefits here. You can submit your questions during the session for the Q&A period, and if there is no Q&A or not sufficient time the speaker can answer your question later.
  5. Photos. There are so many good photos taken that need sharing. Where is that photo of the Beard ISAC? The photo of Marty (or me) being dunked? Ed Schweitzer doing his Wayne’s World impression?

I’m sure many of you have used these conference apps before, and this one has all the typical features as well. It’s available now for attendees, with basic agenda, speaker, exhibitor content, etc. We will be adding additional information from now through the event.

And for those of you who don’t like or trust mobile apps, the agenda, speakers and other information will still be available on the S4xEvents.com website.