We have posted the first draft of the S4x24 agenda. The agenda has titles and speakers for ~95% of the sessions on the three S4 Stages. We will be filling in the descriptions for these sessions in November. The speaker page is also up and being populated by the speakers.

We have saved a couple of sessions on each stage for late breaking, must have content. The other part that is not yet published is six of the nine keynote sessions, 3 per day, that start the day on the Main Stage. We like to build suspense and provide a bit of fanfare for the keynote announcements.

The agenda looks great and different. Great because we had a record number of submissions, about 250, to choose from. There were also a record number out of those 250 that could have been strong S4 session. Different because we doubled down on emphasizing new ideas and new speakers. If we had seen the big idea or research presented at many other events, then it likely didn’t get selected unless there was a new and important point of view on this big idea or research.

The S4 target attendee is an experienced OT and ICS Security professional. We want to throw a lot of new ideas at you to help you create the future. Many of those ideas will be in the formal sessions. There will also be the Birds of a Feather sessions, S4 Prime Rooms, Vulnerability Management Pavilion, and all the fun events that you’ve come to expect at S4.

We want to thank the 681 of you that had the confidence in the event to get your ticket prior to the agenda being out. S4 tries to get the agenda out early to help newcomers make their decision. It’s out now, more than four months before S4x24.

Of course with 681 tickets gone, this means there are only 419 left. Take a look at the agenda. If you want to wait for the session descriptions, we don’t expect a sell out before December 1st. Don’t wait too long. As we said, and unfortunately had to enforce last year, the 1,100 attendee limit is not an artificial limit we can change. It’s the maximum the venues can take and allow us to provide the S4 experience.