We have a lot of fun putting together the swag bag every year. Here’s what’s at S4x24:

Attendee Swag Bag


  • 1st Time S4 Attendee (since 2022): Black or white Create The Future pullover hoodie.
  • 2nd Time S4 Attendee (since 2022): Create The Future jogger (new design)
  • 3rd Time S4 Attendee (since 2022): Navy blue Create The Future zip up hoodie (new design)

S4 Hat (black or white)

Cuban Coffee (a request by attendees to bring back)

Coffee Mug

Beach Towel

And if you want:

  • a beach ball for your children
  • a cat or dog toy for your pet
  • sticker sheet
  • pen

Speaker Thank You Bag

All speakers get a $100 certificate for the charity of their choice through every.org. Pick a cause you care about, they are all represented at every.org. (Any unused by May 1st will be donated to charity:water)

1st Year Speakers get a S4 Performer vest. Minimal branding, like all S4 swag, in black from Spyder.

Speakers who already have a S4 Performer vest get a Solgaard backpack. Not only is this a great backpack, it’s also helping the environment as it is made from recycled plastics retrieved in the ocean. We put in the backpack a TRTL Pillow Cool travel pillow. This is a very cool approach to sleeping and protecting your neck when you can’t get the lay down business class seat.

S4 Swag Store

We will be selling swag remaining from previous S4 beginning at noon on Tuesday. Any unclaimed S4x24 swag will go on sale at 10AM on Wednesday. Look for the S4 Store sign near the 2nd floor escalator.