If you are planning on coming to S4x24 (March 4 – 7 in Miami South Beach), be ready to buy your ticket on October 2nd to get the best price. To give all time zones a fair chance, we hold the ticket 1 – 100 price of $1,595 + tax for 36 hours regardless of how many tickets are sold (last year this was over 250). The ticket 1-100 price will last from Oct 2nd 00:01 EDT (New York City time) to Oct 3rd 12:00 EDT. We will put up the registration link on the home page on Sep 27th.

Attendee Approval

S4x23 sold out and we had to turn away over 100 ticket purchases. We have seen a 30% average annual attendance growth rate the last four years. And S4x24 is in the same venue so we can’t sell more tickets. We only have 1,000 tickets available for sale. We heard “we want more asset owners at the event” from asset owners and vendors selling to asset owners. The only way to accomplish this at an event that is sold out is to limit ticketsales to all but asset owners. We have caps on tickets any non-asset owner entity can purchase. To implement this we have added an attendee approval process. After you submit the information to buy your ticket, you will be put into a queue for approval that will take less than 24-hours, and typically less than 6-hours. Approval will be based solely on whether your organization has exceeded the ticket caps. This approval process will not affect the price of your ticket.

Hotel News

When you purchase a ticket you will get a confirmation email with the link to reserve a room at the Loews Miami Beach hotel where S4x24 will be held. It’s the best hotel in South Beach. Attendees raved about it. We have a 345 room block at a net price for attendees of $299+tax. The online price is $675+tax. The room block price is $419 + $16 Resort Fee + Tax. S4 pays $136 + tax of this so net to you is $299+tax. I know this is all a bit confusing, and it is the only way you can get this great price. 
Two important notes:
  1. You need to have a ticket to reserve a room. We will verify at least weekly that everyone who has reserved a room has purchased a S4 ticket. Another reason to buy your ticketearly.
  2. There are many hotels in all different price ranges within blocks of the S4 venues. If the Loews is not for you or the room block is full you will have options.
You can send any questions to s4@digitalbond.com.