Here is the S4x24 Video Release Schedule. We will release a video every Monday and Thursday, with slight alterations for US holidays.

Many attendees, and those that couldn’t make it, ask why we don’t release the videos immediately after the event. There are two reasons:

  1. We take time and care with the video production. The Main Stage is a five camera shoot. Stage 2 a four camera shoot. Stage 3 a three camera shoot. It takes us about a month to process all the video files.
  2. If we release the ~60 videos most would get lost in the mass of content. By releasing two a week we are able to highlight the session and maximize it’s impact.

Note – – speakers are allowed to use the video, and even the raw footage, in any way they want. If you want to show off your speaking skills to other events you can create a great speaker reel from your S4 performance.

If you attended S4x24 you have access to the PowerPoint presentations via the S4x24 mobile app until May 1st. Those are put up the night before the session to help attendees decide what session to attend.