The S4 Welcome Party

5PM – 8PM at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

You’ve just enjoyed a full day of sessions on 3-stages. Your mind is full of new ideas, and things you want to discuss with peers. Or you just want to relax and talk about anything but ICS security. Either way we have you covered with the S4 Welcome Party.

After the last session, you can walk 14 minutes or take a 5-minute S4 bus to the  we all walk three blocks to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens for the S4 Welcome Party. It’s a beautiful outdoor venue to experience the sunset and twilight with your fellow attendees.

There are a lot of activities:

  • Cigar rollers
  • Domino tables
  • Karaoke (with a S4 limited edition karaoke shirt for all who perform) 
  • Smores for roasting over the Death Star fire pit
  • Palm Readers and aura readers (to help you create the future)
  • Street food and of course all sorts of drinks (work the lines by selecting the right bar, we have full bars where you can get mixed drinks and anything else, a beer & wine bar that is faster, and a non-alcohol bar)
  • A 3 piece Cuban band
  • and more

Check out the map below showing the activities at the Gardens, and below that is a map for those walking to the Welcome Party.