First, an update. 57 of the 100 free Women In ICS Security tickets are taken, and there are ~35 women who have purchased full tickets. Unsure at this early date if we will top the 180 women (20%) at S4x22, but we will have a good representation. It will still fall far short of 50%. #stillworktodo

Kim Legelis and a team of volunteers are looking to build on what was done at S4x22 to make this an even more valuable event for women to start and grow their careers in the OT and ICS security field.

The S4 event absorbs the variable cost of 100 free attendees (10% of our planned attendees) for Monday afternoon and Tuesday which is ~$50K. We have Women In ICS Security sponsors who pay for the Monday night women-only social event and WICSS swag bag (any leftover funds will go into a S4 scholarship fund for half-price S4x24 full tickets). Today we are opening up that sponsor package.

It’s $2,500 and includes the sponsor logo in a variety of places to show your support for this effort. As much as we would like to get sponsors for this, I’d encourage companies considering this to make sure they are first sending at least one, and hopefully more than one, woman to S4x23. As always questions can be sent to