S4x23 officially opens at 9AM on Tuesday, Feb 14th, but you may want to plan on taking a Monday (Feb 13th) morning flight so you can participate in the Monday afternoon pre-event activities beginning at 1PM.

  • The SBOM Pavilion will be open 1PM – 6PM on Monday. You can compare SBOM, VEX, and other software/firmware capabilities side by side with six vendors going after the OT market. In addition, INL will be there preparing, and perhaps starting, the S4 SBOM Challenge. So far we have aDolus, Finite State and Netrise signed up for the Pavilion and Challenge.
  • The eight S4 Prime Vendors will have two hours of sessions that will be published on the Monday agenda, and they will determine what to do with the other four hours. It could be more sessions, demo’s, social events, or whatever else they want. You can view this as eight sponsor stages. They know you have choices so I think they will bring some great content. The S4 Prime Vendors so far are: 1898, Forescout, Fortinet, Industrial Defender, Phosphorus, Schneider Electric, Siemens and one spot as yet unclaimed.
  • The S4 ICS Capture The Flag (CTF) competition will begin at 1PM on Monday. The eight S4 Prime Sponsors will all have some flags that can be captured only on site and others that can be captured over the Internet. In a way, it will be like eight different CTFs as each team will approach the flag creation differently. Even better, the ICS Village has agreed to run the S4 ICS CTF and will likely contribute some new flags of their own. We will be announcing more details on the CTF at the end of September. If you are a serious competitor or want to try it out and not miss the Tuesday – Thursday sessions, then Monday afternoon is perfect for you.
  • S4x23 Badge and Swag Bag pickup is currently scheduled for 4PM – 7PM. With about 1,000 attendees expected, you can avoid the Tuesday morning rush. Also we will have the Badge Pickup / First Shot social event going on as well. Great chance to meet your fellow attendees and enjoy the Miami SoBe weather.
  • Monday evening, 6:30 – 8:30, women attendees should plan on attending the Women In ICS Security social event that is part of the Women In ICS Security program. (this includes the 100 free Women In ICS tickets for all of Monday and Tuesday activities) We have a beautiful location, and the volunteer team is planning it now. We had ~100 women at the S4x22 social event and 164 total women attendees. Still only 20% of the crowd, but I believe that is the largest gathering ever. We hope to see more in numbers and percentages for S4x23.

And of course if all these activities don’t sway you to plan an earlier Monday flight, you can always use Monday afternoon to lounge around the pool or beach to prepare for the Tuesday – Thursday events.