S4x23 is a week away and sold out. Some tips for your trip and the S4 Event itself.

Dress Code and Clothes: There is no dress code and you will see everything from suits to t-shirts. Wear whatever you are comfortable in. S4 regulars will tell you the most important thing is to bring a coat / sweatshirt / something warmer for the Welcome Party and outdoor activities at night (and for some indoor aircon). The week out forecast is looking at highs 80F/26C and lows 67F/19C.

Badge Pickup: Badge pickup is on the 2nd Floor of the Loews Miami South Beach. Take the escalator from the lobby up and you can’t miss it. All you need for badge pickup is a photo ID. You do not need your ticket that was emailed to you. If you arrive Monday before 7PM, we highly encourage you to pick up your S4 23 badge and swag Monday between 4PM and 7PM. You can also check out the S4 Prime Rooms, SBOM Pavilion, CTF, and Pwn2Own, and First Shot while you are there.

Badge pickup on Tuesday opens at 8AM. The Main Stage and opening keynotes begin at 9AM on Tuesday.

Food: All three days at S4 (Tues, Weds, Thurs) lunch will be provided. All three days there will be coffee, tea, water and lemonade all day. In the morning there will be juice, yogurt and pastries, but not a breakfast. On Tuesday night (5 – 8) the Welcome Party will have food and drink.

Women In ICS Security Event: This event is at the Loews Preston’s Terrace Monday evening from 6:30 – 8:30. This event is open to any woman with any type of S4x23 ticket (Women In ICS Security ticket or a full S4x23 ticket).

Spouse, Significant Other, Kids: Your family and significant others may join you at the Welcome Party on Tuesday night and the Cabana Sessions on Wednesday afternoon. There is no need to sign up for this, just bring them.

Transportation from the Airport: Taxi’s are $35 flat fee from Miami Airport to Miami South Beach and will usually be more available and cheaper than Uber (it is a grimey US city cab though). There are also Ubers/Lfyt for a bit more. If you feel the need to rent a car, click here for parking info.

Restaurant Tip Warning: When you get your restaurant bill, look closely to see if they have already added an 18%+ mandatory tip. No extra tip is required, but there will often be a line on the bill to add a tip even when it has already been added. #Don’tDoubleTip

Capture The Flag (CTF) Signup: Check out the ICS Village S4 CTF page to learn how to create an account, attend the kickoff presentation, and learn what the flag creators have in store for you. The CTF begins at 13:00 on Monday, Feb 13th.

Make sure you have the S4x23/Whova mobile app


STILL NEEDED – My Favorite Metric Game Show … We Need Contestents

I don’t know if you are all shy or if it is really hard to come up with a good metric. We are looking for contestents, fill out this form, who will describe their OT cybersecurity or cyber risk management metric and why it is their favorite in ~3 minutes. A panel of three judges and the audience will pick the winner. Prize: fame and a free ticket to S4x24.