Three days, three stages plus events on the third floor and social events makes for a very full agenda. We received a great haul in quantity and quality of session proposals that made for hard choices. Now it is here, the first draft of the S4x23 Agenda. Available 3+ months prior to the event so you can make an informed decision on spending your time and money at S4.

  • Approximately 80% of the session titles and speakers are in this first draft.
  • We will be adding session descriptions over the next two weeks.
  • Most of the missing sessions are the keynotes / plenary block that starts each morning on the S4 Main Stage. We will be announcing one per week. (for the drama)
  • We reserve a couple of session slots on each stage for late breaking content.
  • A small number of sessions are pending internal approvals to present.

We will be writing articles that will highlight some of the content and content themes in the upcoming weeks. And we hope to see you in Miami South Beach.