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On December 15th we stop taking applications for three S4x23 activities:

  1. Women In ICS Security Sponsor ($2.5K)
    Show your support and help fund the women only social event on Monday early evening before S4x23. All sponsor funds go to this social event. Benefits are strictly logo on the related signage, Women In ICS Security break slide, and on the Women In ICS Security beach bag. Details and sign up at the bottom of the page here. Thanks to the current Women In ICS Security Sponsors ATCO, Booz Allen Hamilton, Nozomi Networks and SynSaber.
  2. Worthy Cause Exhibitor (Free and 3 left)
    We reserved the best spots in the S4x23 venue, just outside the Main Stage and Stage 2, to help worthy causes trying to Create The Future of OT and ICS Security. So far we have the ICS Village (who is running the S4 ICS CTF) for all three days and CS2AI, Women In ICS Security and Daniel Ricci’s ICS Advisory Project for 1 day. This leaves three 1-day spots left. You can apply at this link.
  3. SBOM Challenge / Pavilion ($25K and 2 left)
    We have room for up to six competitors / exhibitors in the SBOM Challenge and Pavilion. INL has been hard at work creating and planning to run the SBOM Challenge, so it would be great if there were a full slate of 6 competitors. The Pavilion is a rare occurrence at S4 that looks like an actual exhibit floor. We decided this technology was so new and getting so much press that it deserved a hard shake and a chance for industry leaders to see side by side results from the same input. Current SBOM Challenge competitors include aDolus, Finite State, Netrise and Security Risk Advisors. If interested in joining the challenge, email us at