The S4 mantra is Create The Future. Every element of the event is considered in the context of will this help the influencers and leaders in the field create the future of OT and ICS security. Some years we will add to this with a theme to prod the community in a direction. For example, the S4x22 theme was No Limits as described in my mini-keynote seen below.

The theme for S4x23 is Explore. As I began working on my mini-keynote to introduce the theme, I found myself coming up with more and more content that tied into No Limits thinking … the 2022 theme. This is still a fruitful field of thinking and study, and my article tomorrow will be on another example and aspect of Not Limits.

Not giving up on Explore, I decided inspiration and ideas might come from some books and stories of exploration. It finally clicked in with River of the Gods by Candice Miller. So we are confident now to announce the theme for S4x23 is Explore. Come to Miami South Beach and create the future of OT and ICS Security with 1000 of your fellow explorers.