Three quick updates for those attending or considering S4x23 next Feb 13 – 16 in Miami South Beach.

Ticket Prices Go Up $200 On December 1st

Just before Thanksgiving we sold ticket #500 and are currently at ticket #528, but as a mini Cyber Monday sale we will hold the price at the $1,995 until noon ET on December 1st. The ticket block 501 – 750 price is $2,195.

All 100 Women In ICS Security Tickets Have Been Claimed, Wait List Open

The 100 free Women In ICS Security Tickets went fast. If you would like to get on the waitlist use this link. Free tickets tend to have more cancellations than paid tickets, and we will be encouraging any with the free tickets to cancel if they can’t make it.

Also thanks to ATCO for joining Booz Allen Hamilton, Nozomi Networks and SynSaber as Women In ICS Security Sponsors.

S4x23 Hotel Blocks Sold Out And There Are Many Walkable Hotels

We had a 400 rooms in the S4x23 hotel room blocks. They are sold out. We will be making any cancelled rooms available on Dec 15, Jan 2, and Jan 15. Don’t wait for this. Get your room now. We have updated the hotel page with more information about the ~100 hotels within a mile, and many within a 3 block walk.