Women represent 51% of the population, and 60% of those attending college today. And yet only about 10% of the ICS security community are women. It often is difficult for women to enter and thrive in the male dominated, sometimes hostile, and often intentionally and unintentionally discriminatory ICS security field. At S4 we want to help try to change this for reasons of basic fairness, for the sake of our daughters, sisters and female friends, and for the very pragmatic reason that women, by sheer numbers, represent the best chance to deal with the shortage of ICS security professionals needed to create and secure the future.

So we have made Wednesday, January 25th at S4x22 Women In ICS Day. Here is what is currently planned for women attending S4x22 that Wednesday, and we expect the activities to grow. You can get the updated and full set of details on the Women In ICS page.

9:00 Р13:00:  Attend the S4x22 Sessions On All Three Stages For Free

13:00 – 16:30: Attend the Cabana Sessions, which will include a Women In ICS Security cabana. A great chance to meet and establish relationships with the best in world who will be able to help your career.

17:30 – 19:30: Attend the Women In ICS Security social event at the beautiful Hyde Beach at the SLS

If you are a women with a ticket to attend all of S4x22, your badge will get you into the Women In ICS Security social event as well. Or if you are a women and want to come for the day you can get a Wednesday only ticket for free.